Professional Development Workshops

I am happy to offer customized professional development workshops for community groups, schools, private business, government agencies and corporate Australia on topics such as handling difficult people at work, the accidental counsellor, workplace relations, strategies for men post #MeToo.

Personal Development Workshops

On relationship rehab, sex smart couples, male sexuality, assertiveness training, divorce recovery, anger management, emotional intelligence.

See my video with Bettina which gives more details of some of the issues I focus on in my private workshops.

Workshops for Men

Men in Trouble – helping men cope with their mighty struggles with marriage breakup and family law, parental alienation and loss of their children, domestic violence allegations, restraining orders, workplace politics, sex-starved marriages.

The Dating World – successful strategies, dealing with rejection, navigating singledom.

Men and Sex – what makes sex great, negotiating your sex supply, good porn habits, body maintenance, plumbing problems, loving sex.

Workshop Experience

For the past 10 years I’ve been presenting workshops firstly for Anglicare WA and then Relationships Australia. Both in-house personal development workshops for individuals, couples and families while also running professional development workshops externally for their community, government and corporate clients.

These trainings have covered a wide range of interpersonal and workplace issues for West Australian organisations such as:

Department of Commerce
Healthy Boundaries at Work

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Dealing with Angry and Abusive Clients

“Managing difficult clients and even co-worker bullies is a tricky subject that I think Rob distilled really well. I picked up some useful self-regulation strategies for not overreacting to someone else’s crappy attitude and behaviour which means I can respond more effectively without my blood-pressure skyrocketing. Very genuine presenter”.
Dealing with Angry and Abusive Clients participant

Australian Government Department of Veteran Affairs
The Accidental Counsellor

“Rob presented a variety of practical counselling skills useful to front-line employees in a clear and easy to understand manner. Over the day’s PD we learned how to listen actively and respond assertively which keeps things from escalating unnecessarily. I learnt how to communicate without sounding judgemental. Had a great day”.
Accidental Counsellor participant

The West Australian Association of Teacher Assistants
Emotion Coaching 

Kalparrin – Supporting parents of children with special needs
Express Yourself Assertively
Enhancing Couples’ Relationships

“Rob was very easy to listen to and engage with, nice manner. Having a man present to couples is useful so the male participants feel happy to open up as they see the facilitator demonstrating how to do it”.
Kalparrin Parents’ Retreat participant

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation
Dads Raising Teenage Sons (3-day sailing voyage)
Building Stronger Families (3-day sailing voyage)

 City of Stirling
Change and Loss

Casa Mia Montessori School
Emotionally Intelligent Classrooms

Corpus Christi College
 All About Anger for Parents with Teens

“Rob Tiller presented an engaging informative teen anger workshop to approximately 60 parents on March 29, 2017. He provided many opportunities for parents to interact and ask questions. Parent feedback was very positive. They found there were many strategies they could try to implement at home and found they had a greater understanding of the underlying basis of anger. We would definitely invite Rob back to present again”!
Rachel Goodchild
College Psychologist
Corpus Christi College