Counselling Services

Couples Counselling

As a counsellor who has worked with many couples at different stages of their relationship, I’ve learned that most partners respond to my ‘tough love’ style of couple’s therapy.

I’m no boot-camp drill sergeant, but if you are serious about improving your relationship, you’re going to need a counsellor who doesn’t flinch when difficult feelings come out, as they always do if couples therapy is working.

And I won’t just sit there and watch you fight, nor take one side and not listen to the other.

I’ll actively intervene to teach you both to listen more carefully to each other, give you both skills to communicate more effectively and help you find ways of breaking through issues which are causing distress in your relationship.

It’s easy to desire our lover passionately during the infatuation stage of a relationship but far harder to grow an intimate long-term bond that withstands the complex pressures of modern life.

That requires tools, practice and resilience from both sides. Men and women carry different unspoken unrealistic expectations that often fuel resentments that partners use to justify their ill treatment of each other.

I can help push the ‘pause button’ in session before you fire that ‘missile’.

That helps you catch your breath and speak your truth more clearly which means your partner will probably hear you. Maybe for the first time.

Individual Counselling

Working with me one-to-one we’ll discuss your goals for counselling and what you feel are your persistent obstacles.

We’ll put our heads together and pace our conversations in a way that will help reveal some of the blind-spots that might be sabotaging you in the important areas of your life. 

Confronting ourselves in this way doesn’t always feel easy but I’ve observed once we can look at ourselves more honestly, without feeling shame, positive changes start to happen.

“Rob provided very professional and empathetic support to me despite significant difficulties and complexities in my situation. Over a period of probably 18 months he was a source of fabulous insight, illumination and advice during what was a very distressing time. Thank you Rob”!

“I was a bit apprehensive as a female to speak with a male counsellor. I am very pleased I did as it helps a lot to hear a male perspective. Rob’s a skilled therapist and helped me in very significant ways”.

Men’s Business

I have a lot of respect for men. I’ve studied and practiced for nearly 20 years to learn how to talk straight with men in a way that helps them learn how valuable they are to themselves, their families and their communities.

We’ll talk about what we can do as men to take better care of ourselves, our work, our relationships, our families and our sex life. More than ever I reckon the world needs good men to stand up and speak with our heart, balls and brain connected. But of course, employing good manners and intelligence.

Learning how to manage difficult emotions and have tough conversations with the important people in our lives is no easy task but doing so helps us resolve some of the issues that are keeping us stuck or in slow motion.

“When I first came to Rob I found myself unable to deal with many issues like chronic jealousy and anger. I was exhausted, confused, and frustrated with how my life was going. Through our sessions I learnt to understand myself and was able to take off my ‘shit goggles’ and see myself and other people differently. I became a more caring person. I can’t express how much of a difference this has made to my life. Thank you mate, I am proud to be a better man after the work we did together”.

Graduate Diploma (Counselling) Murdoch University
BS Psychology (Hons) Texas A&M University
Certificate IV Relationship Education Australian Institute of Social Relations