Meet Rob

I love my work! – It’s so satisfying helping people gain fresh insight into their personal lives and relationships while providing them with practical skills which enable them to tackle their important issues more effectively.

Counselling and Workshop Experience 

Over my career I have counselled thousands of individuals, couples and families.

I’ve also facilitated hundreds of both personal and professional development workshops on a broad range of topics such as assertive communication, healthy conflict, anger management, sexual intelligence, divorce/separation recovery, navigating the dating world, basic counselling skills for employees, dealing with difficult people in the workplace etc.

You can read more about my workshops on offer here.

Working with Men

I’m one of the few counsellors and educators in Australia focusing on men’s issues.

It’s a worthwhile challenge helping men cope with the often dire consequences of marriage break-ups: the loss of fathering face time with their children, family law battles, parental alienation, DV allegations, restraining orders, etc.

Men also come to me for help with many other personal issues: negotiating their sex supply, dating advice, sexual problems, social isolation.


I work hard to help couples in distress save their relationships and have observed that when both partners share responsibility for the not-so-great state of their union, things start turning around.

Watch my video with Bettina Arndt where I talk more about my special interests and areas of particular expertise.

Media Appearances 

I’ve appeared regularly in the media, with journalists quoting me in articles in Cleo, Cosmo, The Australian and The West Australian plus I gave online dating advice for a year on 

Graduate Diploma (Counselling) Murdoch University
BS Psychology (Hons) Texas A&M University
Certificate IV Relationship Education Australian Institute of Social Relations